1941 Chevrolet Pumper Truck


Used by the Canadian National Railways Transcona Shops Fire Department, Winnipeg, Manitoba. This pumper truck has a 4 cylinder gas engine and 4 speed transmission. It was donated to the Midwestern Rail Association by CN Rail, with 5,773 original miles.






Weston Shops Ladder & Hose Wagon


 This fire truck is a Ford AA manufactured in 1929. It is a hose and ladder truck of a type frequently used to supplement pumpers and ladder trucks at the scene of fires. As such, it was ideal for certain industrial sites where its lack of pumping capability was not important.

The truck was purchased by Canadian Pacific and assigned to its Weston Shops, Winnipeg, Manitoba where it was stationed until retired.

In 1981 it was completely refurbished by employees of Weston Shops as part of the company's 1981 Centennial celebrations. It is equipped with ladders, brass fire extinguishers and fire hose connectors.

This fire truck is in superb condition and as a result of the 1981 refurbishing, is fully operational.

Although many of these fire trucks were built, it is believed that few have been preserved. In addition, the fact that it was an important component of CPR shop operations throughout its active service life of over 50 years gives added significance to it.


Some similar specimens may exist in fire equipment museums in North America, but it is certain that none of them is in better condition than this one, and that they do not enjoy the association with the railway industry that this artifact does.

Purchased from Dominion Motors as a hose and ladder truck in 1929. Appropriation No. M-2-44 at a cost of $2987.

Refurbished by Weston Shops Forces.
Original mileage 5020.



4 cyl flathead, serial no. CAA106921


chrome plating and brass polishing no. 1 chrome pit

Lettering and striping

Dave's Sign Spot

Body polishing

Auto Beauty Shop

Brass hand rails

Canada Bronze Co.

Brass hose nozzles

Winnipeg Fire Department