CN 2747

During the late 1920's Canadian National Railways embarked on a very limited programme of home shop locomotive building, and during the period between 1926 and 1931 constructed a total of 72 engines of which 33 were fabricated at Transcona Shops. Transcona Shops were originally erected by the National Transcontinental Railway.

Canadian National locomotive 2747 was the first steam locomotive to be built in western Canada and was outshopped in April, 1926.

In addition to being the first locomotive erected in the West, the locomotive had strong ties with the people of the region. The locomotive was, in part, built by sub-contractors. An unknown number of individuals, outside of Canadian National employees, were employed on these sub-contracts.



Following the retirement of CN 2747, the locomotive was scheduled to be scrapped along with many of its steam powered associates following the rapid dieselisation of the CNR.

On November 10, 1959, Mr. Bernie Wolfe and Mr. J.S. Johnston met with Mr. J.R. McMillan, then Vice President, Canadian National Railways, Western Region, to request consideration be given to donating a steam locomotive to the Transcona Kiwanis for display. This resulted in CNR 2747 being presented to the Kiwanis in May, 1960, who displayed the locomotive in the Transcona Kiwanis Park on Plessis Road.

On March 3, 1981, the Kiwanis transferred ownership of CNR 2747 to the Midwestern Rail Association.


Canadian National Railways CN 2747 Specifications


Class N-5c, Consolidation.
Type 2-8-0 Consol
Built CNR Transcona Shops, 1926
Cylinders 21 1/2" (.564m) diameter
30" (0.762m) stoke
Firebox Length  96 7/8" (2.461m)
Width   75 1/4" (1.911m)
Grate area 50.62 sq ft (4.702 sq m)
Boiler tubes 26 large 5 3/8" (0.136m) diameter
166 small 2" (0.051m) diameter
Length 14' 1 3/8" (4.302m)
Superheater Schmidt
Heating surfaces
1,741,54 sq ft (161.789 sq m)
231.4 sq ft (1,791 sq m)
1,972.94 sq ft (183.286 sq m)
Boiler pressure 215 psi (1,482.425 kPa)
Stoker Data given in written specifications.
Type of valve gear Walshaert
Type of reverse gear Data given in written specifications.
Syphons Data given in written specifications.
Steam heat Yes
Brick arch Yes
Air pumps One 8 1/2" (0.215m) cc
Driving wheels 63" (1.602m) outside diameter
56" (1.422m) outside diameter
Tender capacity water 6,700 imperial gallons (190,347 liters)
Coal 12 tons (10,886 kg)
Extreme width 10' 6 1/2" (3.213m)
Length over couplers 69' 7 1/8" (21.212m)
Height 14' 6 15/16" (4.445m) Top of rail to top of smoke stack.
   Working Engine truck 29,600 lbs (13,426.6 kg)
Driving wheels 194,360 lbs (88,161.96 kg)
Total 223,960 lbs (101,588.25 kg)
   Light Drivers 168,600 lbs (76,476.96 kg)
Total 192,900 lbs (87,499.44 kg)
Tender 170,000 lbs (77,112 kg)
   Total, engine & tender 394,160 lbs (178,791 kg)
Maximum tractive effort 40,253 lbs (18,248.32 kg)
Haulage rating 40%
Factor of adhesion 4.93
Operating curvature 15 degrees