Canadian National Railways Locomotive 6043



This locomotive was built in Kingston, Ontario by the Canadian Locomotive Works as part of Builders Order Number 572.

The locomotive was delivered to Canadian National Railways in September 1929 and was designated as a class U-1-d.






The locomotive has a 4-8-2 wheel arrangement, termed as a Mountain type. With a maximum tractive effort of 50,300 pounds at a boiler pressure of 250 psi the locomotive served Canadian National Railways for thirty one years.

The locomotive is 86'-2 1/2" (26.27 meters) in overall length with a working order weight of 580,000 pounds. (263,088 kilograms). The tender has a capacity of 4,000 gallons (18,184 liters) of fuel oil.

The 4-8-2 arrangement was introduced to Canadian National Railways in 1923 with the delivery of engine 6000, marking the appearance for the first time of eight coupled passenger and freight dual service engines. By distributing the engines weight over an extra axle than its predecessor 4-6-0 type permitted the engine to have a far greater capacity than its forerunners yet still maintaining the ability to negotiate often less than ideal roadbeds. Ultimately Canadian National Railways operated 286 engines of the Mountain type.

On April 25th, 1960 CN 6043 headed Canadian National Railways Train 76 from The Pas to Winnipeg, Manitoba. This was the last scheduled run of steam power on Canadian rails and thus ended the eventful era of steam in Canada's transportation scene.

The final run under steam power for CN 6043 was a special excursion arranged by the Manitoba Travel and Convention Association to Brandon from Winnipeg and return on June 22nd, 1961.

On March 16, 1983, the Committee on Recreation and Social Services recommended Winnipeg City Council move that the Midwestern Rail Association accept responsibility for the locomotive until the locomotive was removed from Assiniboine Park at which time ownership of the locomotive will be transferred to the Association.


Canadian National Railways CN 6043 Specifications


Class U.1.d (Mountain)
Built 1929 by C.L.Co. Builders Order number 572.  Builders Boiler Number 1854.
Boiler shell Silicon steel
            tubes 40 at 4 1/2" (0.1143m) diameter
184 at 2 1/4" (0.057m) diameter
Length 21'8" (6.604m)
Cylinders 24" (0.609m) diameter, 30" (0.762m) stroke
Firebox 114 1/8" (2.898m) length, 84 1/4 (2.134m) width
Grate area 66.7 sq. ft. (6.196 sq. m.)
Heating surface Tubes 3581 sq. ft. (332.675 sq. m.)
Firebox 319 sq. ft. (32.422 sq. m.)
To Total 3,900 sq. ft. (362.31 sq. m.)
Superheater Schmidt "A"  Superheater area 1040 sq. ft. (96.616 sq. m.)