Countess of Dufferin - First steam locomotive in Western Canada. Located in Railway Museum.














CN2747 - First steam locomotive built in CN Transcona Shops in 1926. Located on Plessis Road in Transcona.


On March 3, 1981, the Kiwanis transferred ownership of

CNR 2747 to the Midwestern Rail Association.













CN 6043 - Last steam engine to run on CN Line, in 1964. Located in Assiniboine Park.














CN GMD1 1900 - First diesel engine of its' series, built in 1959. Located in Railway Museum.












Plymouth 35 Ton - Small yard engine built in 1930 by the Plymouth Locomotive Works, Plymouth, Ohio, U.S.A.










Davenport Mid-Cab Locomotive



Hydro #4 (860 in latest renumbering)


Built in October, 1927 by the Davenport Locomotive Works of Davenport, Iowa.  Purchased new by Hydro from Mumford Medland of Winnipeg.


Serial #2112; total weight 20 tons; 2 - 125HP Continental gasoline engines; 4 - 25HP traction motors (1 per axle); 12,000 lbs tractive effort; top speed 25 mph.  Cummins 160HP diesel engines installed in 1966.  The snowplow and wings were installed by Hydro.  The engine was used both for freight and passenger service.  It could haul several hundred tons of level track.


The engine was retired in 2001 due to the difficulty of finding replacement parts, and donated to the museum in 2004 by Manitoba Hydro.  It was driven to the Museum from the CN Symington Yards, and was used in September 2004 to rearrange the equipment on display to make room for itself. 


The diesel engines at both ends of the locomotive work, but only one end can be used because the traction motor on one axle is ruined: it skidded on a stretch of track covered with caterpillars and ran out of control, burning its armature out.  We do have a replacement motor but not the facilities to install it!