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donated by CP Rail.











Flat Cars




Museum flat cars were completely restored two years ago, including original CP lettering. These cars were originally designed to be part of the Countess of Dufferin work train. 1880s rail is loaded on one of the flat cars as part of the display.











Flat car used to haul rail, timber, ties, etc.
















Timber Car










Hand Cars



Donated by Winnipeg Hydro, Pointe du Bois, MB













Motor Cars


The first motor car pictured left is NW Motor Car No. 1540. This car was manufactured by North Western Motor Company in Eau Claire Wisconsin, USA, and was donated by Winnipeg Hydro, Pointe du Bois, MB. This motor car is chain driven with a 8 1/4 hp, Briggs & Stratton 4 cycle gas engine.













The second motor car pictured left is a Fairmont, class M19, series H, group 1. It was manufactured by Fairmont Railway Motors Ltd. in Toronto ON. This motor car is belt driven with a 6 hp engine.













Tamper - donated by CP Rail.












Velocepede - used for track maintenance.












City of Winnipeg Inspection Car



Packard 1946 passenger automobile mounted on steel railway wheels. Purchased by the Greater Winnipeg Water District Railway in 1953 to 1974 for use on the G.W.W.D. railway serving Winnipeg's water Aqueduct between Shoal Lake inlet and the G.W.W.D. Railway yard in St. Boniface.

Length 20'0"
Width 7'0"
Height 6'0" (from ground to roof when on ballasted rail)


Mac Bus B1


Built in April 1922, by the Mack International Motor Company (Mack Trucks Inc.) of Allentown, Pennsylvania, for the Northern Pacific Railroad. Purchased by Winnipeg Hydro in January 1929, for a price of $5,706.78.

The B1 ran a regularly scheduled service from Pointe du Bois to Lac du Bonnet carrying freight, mail and passengers until the Lac du Bonnet line was abandoned in 1962 in favour of road service.


At one time, when diesel-electric locomotive was out of service and B1 was pressed into temporary service to haul, via flatcars, two crawler tractors and a tandem dump truck.

Mack Model AC
Body by McGuire-Cummings
Originally powered by a Mack 4 cylinder 40 HP engine.


Seating capacity 29 plus one crew member
  29 cu. ft. baggage compartment
Engine Remotered in 1938 with International D70, 6 cylinder engine.
Re-engined 1952
Front truck Four 20" dia. wheels
Rear truck Powered - Two 40" dia. wheels
Weight 23,000 lbs (10,432.8 kg)
Maximum speed 45 mph (72.42 km/hr)


Purchased by Midwestern Rail Association in May 1992 in working condition.


Trackmobile Whiting Model 5TM


Built by the Whiting Corporation, Harvey, Illinois. Purchased and operated by Manitoba Hydro on construction projects in Northern Manitoba ending its operating life as Kelsey Number 1. Made serviceable after purchase by Midwestern Rail Association in 1975.

Serial Number 5TMG-5447
5TM Torque Converter


On Rail Wheelbase 5'2", Length 8'0", Width 10'4", Height 7'11"
On Rubber Wheelbase 9' 1 1/2", Length 12'0", Width 8'0", Height 8'9"
Engine Industrial L-head 6-cylinder; bore 3 3/4"
Stroke 4 1/4"; Displacement 282 in.
96 BHP at governed speed of 2,500 rpm
Maximum torque 208 ft/lbs. at 1500 rpm
7 bearings
Torque Converter 3.5 to 1 torque multiplication ratio
Transmission & Drop Case 3 speeds forward - 12.96 to 1, 4.70 to 1, 1.62 to 1
3 speeds reverse - 12.55 to 1, 4.55 to 1, 1.57 to 1
Manual shift engage and disengage for rail wheels
Road Wheel Transfer Case Heavy duty, hardened alloy steel, spur gears.  Oil bath lubrication, 1 to 1 ratio.
Rail Wheel Transfer Case Heavy duty, hardened alloy steel, shaved, spur gears.  Oil bath lubrication, 1.88 to 1 reduction.
Brakes 12" diameter, hydraulic service and mechanical parking.  Internally expanding, self energizing, drum and shoe type.  Rail brake mounted on main rear shaft of road gear case.  2 wheel road brakes on road drive axle.
Rail Wheels 18" diameter, cast steel, heat treated AAR contour.  Keyed on tapered axles.
Road Wheels Tractor type, heavy duty retractable suspension.  Roller bearing mounted wheels.  8-ply 4.50x17 tires.
Rail Drive Through transmission and drop box through rail wheel drive case to driving axle and by drive rods to driven axle.  Manual disengage while on road drive.
Road Drive Through road wheel gear case to truck type, no spin differential driving axle, automatic disengage in retracted position.
Steering Mechanical.  Truck type linkage and spindles.
Hydraulic System Constant pressure system with engine running to assure maximum traction and braking ability, and to prevent settling.  Pump driven by direct connection with converter.
Coupler Heavy duty, cast steel, weight transfer design.  Removable wear plate.  Positive coupling assured with AAR contour.  Remotely controlled from cable.
Sanders Electrically operated, chemically dried, built into frame.
Lights 2 combinations running and rear lights for rail.  2 head lights and one rear stop light for road.
Towing Pintle Mounted on rear road wheel frame for heavy towing on road.  Safety latch type.
Cab 360 degree clear vision includes: comfortable seat, windshield, windshield wiper, vac. horn, cab light and steel top.
Performance Rail speeds:  low 1.5 to 5.3 mph, inter. 4 to 14 mph, high 11.5 to 30 mph
  Road speeds:  low 1.07 to 3.75, inter. 2.56 to 10.3 mph, high 8.6 to 25 mph
  Maximum tractive effort:  rail 13,000 lbs, road 3,6000 lbs.
Road clearance At differential 8 1/2", at track wheel flange 10"
Weight 12,000 lbs (4,989.6 kg)


National Cartage and Storage Limited - Truck #89