Women in Railroad



In the summer of 2006 the "Women in Railroad Display" was on show at the Forks in Winnipeg.














Women have been present in the railway world since the mid nineteenth century. They were first found offering services to passengers ensuring their well being in stations, offices and later on trains. Women were also hired to do nontraditional manual labour.
Sometimes ''white collar'' sometimes ''blue collar'' they were still very much the ''pink collar'' of society.
Beyond perceptions, especially those that marginalized them, these railway women managed to prove their capacity to labour side by side with men in a long closed and hostile world.

This display has several artifacts and a large amount of pictures write ups and banners showing the history of Women in the Railway from the mid nineteenth century till present day.





Their history was necessarily one of struggle for equality and access to jobs. This history, interspersed with hardships and aft times, epic battles, with victories and defeats, has always been one of progress.

It is presented to you with hope that it will tickle your curiosity and desire to learn more about the ''other'' railway odyssey.